Golden Palace - Ascension

We're Going Deeper Underground : An outside look in on the party

Who are these invaders of our new home!! First we were captured by the 2 legs, and contained in their square trees. Then after days, when our hunger had grown to an insatiable level, we were set free again, what is their purpose, we hunger daily, not just after a few days, they know nothing of how we feed.

These subterranean chambers we’re in now are familiar to us, yes we’ve seen them before, they are the dark holes of the Dwarves, the tasty meaty dwarves. It would seem that there are still some of them in here as well, so scared, so succulent. We’ve hunted them all down mostly, our new home is littered with the picked clean remains, and it was nice and quiet. Then these new ones came!!

These four, with their biting blades, and burning magics! The ferocity of the big one is too much for our mental attacks. Some of us that have encountered him seemed to have an advantage, his brute size is a limitation to his mental capacity, but he preserves each time, hacking and slashing our tentacles, gouging our eyes, spilling our life force. If we can kill him we will feed for days, so big and full of tasty bits. It appears much hairier than the dwarves in here, but we’ll devour him all.

The small one doesn’t look like much to consume, although it is a plump one. Perhaps it is a young dwarf, so small it is. It proves difficult to catch, always scurrying about, and disappearing from our many eyes, we’re ever watching, but it passes undetected, meals shouldn’t do that. It doesn’t have the power of the big one, however its blades still bite at us, and often well out of range of our long grabbing tentacles. Its will doesn’t seem that potent, however his tricks hurt us, and burn us, using the dwarve’s traps to cook the younger ones, he will be a good snack if we catch him.

The robed one, with the glow to his eyes, we can sense his passing as he moves about this area. His highly magical nature, and the way he seems to have a foot in another realm is akin to our own ethereal state. He can’t possibly be one of us, and if we can just get to him his soft body will be a pure treat to eat, yes, we’ll pick him right from his bones. His magic assault us from a distance, our attempts at sneaking up on him have been thwarted by more of his power, and the assistance of his allies. He’s smart, his will is too strong for us, our tentacles and beaks will have to rip him apart, a messy but necessary means to our meal.

The final of the group is the metal one. He is old; almost as old as us perhaps, it matters not. He too has his ties to another realm, and much like the small one, he disappears from our site, only to appear all to close for our liking. His gleaming pole arm weapon, keeping him from our reach, assaulting us before we can get to him, get our many arms on his body. For one so martial, his will is also strong, having mental defenses to match his glowing armor. He’ll falter though, they always do, underestimate us, we will find a way into its mind, and we’ll consume him from the inside, then we’ll truly feast.

They are moving deeper now, now 4 levels down into this complex, our complex, how dare they come here. They are killing all of us that they find, and getting better at it. Even the leader they killed, the one large eye that rallied us against the dwarves on the upper floors, they tricked him out into the hall and cut him down. Still, there are more of us, and other things in these depths, we will have our well-deserved feast. Shutting off the dwarven traps won’t save them, it will make them confident, and un aware, and that’s when we’ll get them, that’s when we’ll eat.

Into the depths



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