Mystery and intrigue follow Vesmir wherever he goes, though he would rather it didn’t. Like his shrouded past, he shrouds himself in heavy dark robes, but his piercing blue eyes hint at the mystery that lies beneath. Relying on instinct and limited foresight granted by his Cipheric connection with time-space, Vesmir mostly goes where and does what he feels he must. If he is in the right place at the right time, fate will point him in the right direction.

As a Hengeyokai, Vesmir has the ability to shift between three physical forms: animal, human, and a hybrid of the two. In animal form, Vesmir resembles a full-sized Husky, and can communicate with other dogs and dog-like creatures, though he cannot speak. As a human, Vesmir retains the blue eyes, shaggy salt-and-pepper hair, and reclusive-yet-longing-to-belong nature as his animal form. Vesmir’s hybrid form is one he rarely shows unless complete trust is earned by another, but it sometimes comes out reflexively in high-stress situations.


Vesmir’s origins are a mystery to all, including himself. After waking up as a youth in the Feywild jungle with no memories and no direction, survival instincts and an innate curiosity for all things magical were all that compelled him through one day to the next. Years passed. Vesmir learned basic magical abilities through dedicated, patient observation of the magical fabric of his Feywild surroundings and the enchanted creatures he encountered.

A seemingly chance encounter with an eccentric Eladrin Cipher by the name of Evhaern Zolerii led Vesmir to master the art of arcane magic, with a particular knack for illusions. Evhaern, an arcane master and fringe member of the Transcendental Order, urged Vesmir to disciple under him, to master the art of arcane magic and the attunement of the Cipher. Under the guidance of Evhaern, Vesmir learned to transcend the moment in battle, to surrender his thoughts in favour of reactions that are harmonious with the multiverse. This, of course, relies on the assumption that fate is on his side, and that the current battle is not meant to be his last.

Vesmir’s path was set off course one day when he returned from training to find Evhaern slain, a mysterious hooded creature with three tails crouched over his body. Startled by Vesmir’s arrival, the three-tailed creature cast a shadow-cloaking spell and disappeared in the dark confusion. Vesmir chased after it through the Feywild, but before gaining any ground on the creature, he ran through a shimmer in the air, and found himself in the midst of a gory battle scene in a slightly different jungle from the one he had known for so many years. Relying on his Cipheric senses, Vesmir cast a series of illusions to cloak his escape, and ran until the jungle trees began to clear. He was not alone, however. His illusions had also saved the sole surviving member of the tribe he stumbled upon, a seemingly fellow human-animal hybrid by the name of Grizh-naw.

Vesmir now travels across Maralest, protected by the hulking Grizh-naw, as much as Vesmir would prefer to go it alone. The duo heads towards the east, where the last rumours of the three-tailed creature have pointed them.


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