Maralest is a large island continent in the North-Eastern Ember Sea. It has a temperate, almost tropical, climate and aside from the Deadlands in the North, has never seen snow. Land is hilly grasslands mostly, with mountains running in from the coast and a large one near the middle of the continent named The Golden Spire. Rivers and lakes are common, and flooding is common during heavy rains in the rural areas. Forests mostly hug the tree lines or around the mountains.


Creatures of all races live here, with the Eladrin and Elves tending towards the south, Dwarves and hardier humanoids tending to the North and the rest scattered mostly evenly. The central areas are the most secured, with little worries of attacks by the Monsters that dwell upon the edges of civilization. Intelligent humanoids number in the hundreds of thousands overall.

There is a population of Naga and Serpantfolk to the very far South Marshlands, though they are far less common now after the Gold Expansion Wars. The areas to the West/South-West are the least civilized, with a large population of barbarians and Tribals in the Mirron Jungle that have thus far resisted expansion.


Travel by boat is common through the many rivers, though horseback and wagons are more common in the central areas. Travel off the continent is very risky, as the seas are rough and most travelers never return.


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