Golden Palace - Ascension

Can We Kill Yet?

Jackal in Hide's POV

I dream of savagery. Of our last battle. Me and my pack. Vesmir from beyond with the power of the gods, to whom I owe my life. Xavardon, who is showing some battle prowess despite lacking a fiery passion for blood and destruction. And the annoying little gnat, who keeps scampering away, afraid to face his foes face-to-face.

… And then I am abruptly awoken by the scrawny warlord, his eyes glowing, alerting us to the arrival of a human on a horse. I think he’s called Bob. I watch them talk and wonder and plan. I’m tired and hungry. The recent slaughter only wet my appetite for more blood. As they continue to talk, my eyes begin to doze…

When I awake again, it seems as though plans have been made, and we are heading north. By foot.

We stop at a small village, and the gnat prowls around in search of shiny things. I look at Vesmir, urging him to keep moving. But then the eladrin spots a tombstone with blue mountain flowers atop it, with the name of some dwarf inscribed upon the stone. Blunthammer or something like that. My stomach is growling, so I take out a limb from our last battle and being to gnaw away. Finally, we’re on the move again, heading north. Lots of talk of some sort of ‘earthshaper’.

We arrive at what seems to be a dwarven encampment. The others discuss strategy, and I overhear something about killing, and my blood begins to run a bit faster a bit thicker. Stray and Vesmir (in dog form) attract attention via a campfire, while Xav and myself stay at a distance. Once we hear combat, we rush in only to find the gnat has taken care of two men alone. He kills quick, I’ll give him that, but this means there’s nothing left for me to decimate. More talking. And now it’s time to pick the lock on the gate.

After our first kill, they ask me to prop the gate open with the corpse while they lure out more combatants with Vesmir’s magic sound spell. Although luring the enemy to you is not an honorable form of combat, Vesmir and Stray take care of the first batch with cunning and illusionary shadows. I carefully step past the shadows to engage the next battle. I see a dual-wielding elf who looks worthy of battle, and I charge at him. Meanwhile, I see the gnat scurrying away from battle again, out of the corner of my eye, and Xavardon backing me up from behind. I notice an eladrin who seems to be calling out orders, and he is pointing at Vesmir. Archers begin aiming at my savior. A couple of swings by the elf send me reeling, but Xav’s new, glowing armor seems to quell my pain and stop the bleeding, at least for now. More magic. After a valiant battle with the elf, I pound him to the ground, while Xav stabs his new shiny halberd through his chest. I check on Vesmir again, and he seems to be unconscious. It looks like the gnat is tending to his wounds…

Now for the eladrin. I charge in to finish this half-man-half-woman off, which brings the battle to a close. Xavardon and the gnat won’t let me kill the remaining enemy, so that they can ‘talk’ to him. Guess it’s feeding time, then. As I chow down on our victims and claim some trophies in honour of the fallen Bloodmane, the rest of my pack inquiry into the locked gate that leads to what seem to be underground, dwarven tunnels… this could be fun – I’ve never mass-slaughtered dwarves before…

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