Xavardon Starferval

A calculated, tactical and level-headed warrior scholar.


Xavardon Starferval is an Eladrin militant scholar, spending his life studying warfare and command. For formal training, Xavardon was accepted as a guard-cadet in the house of a noble eladrin, a Bralani of Autumn in Maralest. During his own first few years of service, the then 10-year Gold Expansion War caught the notice of the Bralani, who chose young guardsmen to aid the Golden King in the protection of the South from Naga raiding. Xavardon served among the humans to the best of his capability, was given honour and command during his infallible service

Fascinated with the garish speed and tactics of the human militia, Xavardon returned to his study of military tactics, creating theories of the drawn-out planning the fey were known for with the courageous rush of victory the primal humans strove for. Though many elders looked down upon his admiration of human strategy, Xavardon persevered, learning his own race’s tradition without forgetting the primal drive.

The fey outposts of Maralest have sent word to some eladrin who have knowledge of the primal kingdom – winds are shifting, tides of battle are changing, and the war boiling just below the surface is very likely to be larger and more bloody than the Gold Expansion of the past. Those willing to give aid should make their way.

Xavardon knows his place is among the kingdom during this time of war. Though he has reached an age of 145, Xavardon looks no different than the young guardsman that served with the soldiers 115 years past. He stands at 6’1", with the pointed ears of his people showing through his raven hair, his solid emerald eyes are often described as haunting; though his strategies can be seen in their brightness and his determination in the set of his jaw. He sees the attacks almost detachedly as they come, and defences are calculated long in advance, each parry and thrust a part of the carefully choreographed dance.

The Weiss are the descendants of many of the army he served with, he hopes to reclaim his position among their ranks and prove himself moreso as an expert tactician in both the fey and primal worlds.

Xavardon Starferval

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