Amilian Malo


Amilian is an Eladrin with long, blond hair with golden eyes. His hair flows long, but neat, and has a stern yet well-kept face. He wears armor laced with gold and silver hues, though it is usually covered in a green and gold accented robe that sits atop his armour.


Amilian tries to project an air of sophistication and etherealness when dealing with others (which he is loathe to do). He is very much a man of image, who spares no expense in showing his status off. While he tries to remain calm and cold, his temper is quick to rise when confronted openly.


Amilian is a vocal member of the Grisa, a consortium of noble and merchant houses. They believe wholely in the nobility and royal family, though many within would rather see the Boy-King disposed so that the nobles could lead by committee. He has done very well in binding the various houses together, moreso than any other, and has fashioned a private army filled with very talented men and women (mostly from the nobility). Coming from the wealthiest house of nobles and merchants in the Southern parts of Maralest, he helped his father operate and eventually took over the merchant activities of the house.

Recent Activites

Amilian has offered his services as a token towards the Royal family. The only reason he has deigned to join the company of his men-at-arms is due to a desire to increase his influence, knowing that the coming battles with the rebels will define history to come. Has been seen in the company of an unknown seeress as of late.

Amilian Malo

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