With the weakening of the stability of the Kingdom over the last 10 years, since the passing of the former Queen, several factions have started to form. Though they all claim to serve the current Boy-King, they all have their own motivations and reasons.

NOTE: Factions do not have an effect mechanically speaking, but they DO provide a basis for contacts and the ideology your character has been surrounded by so keep this in mind.


Leader: Shaon Yuri, second in command is Farrick Landgale

Weiss is mostly made up of various peasant armies, with fewer veteran soldiers and a handful of talented officers. Their loyalty to the Boy-King is unquestionable, though they currently lack a capable strategist and the muscle power to make their presence felt.

Redwater Loyalists

Leader: Caronne Carrie

The Red Water Loyalists commands the largest army, made up of a combination of hardened soldiers and various peasant armies. Due to Caronne’s excellent judge of ability and character, she has surrounded herself with talented officers. Her general of choice is named Dune Warsaw, a veteran Dwarven soldier.


Leader: Amilian Malo

Grisa is made up primarily of the Noble class. There army is comparatively small, but due to their deep pockets and connections, they employ an elite group of mercenaries and noble loyalists. They have the clout and know-how to manipulate things as need be and the strength to back it up.

Yellow Hand

Leader: Weigref Zino

The Yellow Hand are an incredibly large group of dissatisfied peasants whom have been brought under the flag of charismatic leader Weigref Zino to fight against their be-grieved circumstances and to “collect” on their promises during the Gold Expansionist War. They have sheer numbers, and are desperate, but have little in the way of officers or leaders aside from Weigref.


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