Weigref Zino


Eladrin with dark hair (a rarity), who wears silver armour and is scarred from battle. Currently thought to be wielding a Dwarven artifact weapon of some sort, though reports are unsubstantiated as of yet.


Unknown, though reports state he is a blood knight and a traitor.


Though now he is the leader of the Yellow Hand rebels, he was once a noble of high standing and a decorated officer for the royal family. During the previous expansion, he pushed the Eastern front. He was known for brutality and burning the villages along the way. When the war was over however, his soldiers were left to fend for themselves in the very land they had scorched. Weigref was given honour and elevated to noble for his efforts.

Years later, seemingly out of the blue, he started the Yellow Hand rebellion.

Recent Activity

He is thought to be leading the main contingent of troops in the push towards the West from their Velm, Yellow Hand-held regions.

Weigref Zino

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